Book 1 of the Nightfall Rhapsody Series: Cameron

Dr. Gerard Wright agrees to take in his housekeeper’s son until she is released from jail after the self-defense killing of her abusive husband. She should have been out in a few weeks, but when “irregularities at the crime scene” point to murder, she is sentenced to ten years and Gerard is left with a terrified, emotionally fragile, six-year-old boy. The adjustment would have been enough; however, Gerard soon finds himself tangled in a web of deceit, cruelty and murder. Soon he realizes that someone will stop at nothing to keep Cameron quiet. But can he unravel this mystery in time?

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A survivor of horrific childhood trauma and a plot to kill him, Cameron De La Valle is now a world-renowned classical pianist. When he meets his assistant for a business lunch, he has no idea the afternoon will end with her murder. They had ordered the same thing and he could not erase the nagging doubt that the poisoned food had been meant for him, but the police dismissed the idea. But when he starts receiving threats and begins to have a series of “accidents”, he knows something is wrong. He will have to face his own physical and emotional challenges to search for the truth. Can he find out who is terrorizing him and putting those closest to him in mortal jeopardy before it is too late?

Available Now! The next chapter in the Nightfall Rhapsody series: I’ve Been Watching You

After facing down a killer in New York, Cameron De La Valle has returned home to New Orleans for the holidays. His hopes of a peaceful Christmas respite are dashed on the first night when he arrives at his lawyer’s home moments after she has been murdered. Cameron had retained the successful attorney to take legal action against the international music piracy ring that has been stealing his music. The lawyer had already started a lawsuit, but the culprits were ready to do anything to stop it.

Cameron comes into the killer’s line of sight. But rather than make any sudden choices, he waits…and watches until he is sure he needs to silence a witness.

Before Cameron can unravel the mystery of who killed his lawyer, he is injured in a near-fatal accident and while he is at his weakest the killer decides to strike again…

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